Keep up to date with all the recent news happening at Aculsia.

21/05/17 SKC - Tikka WINS Veteran dog, Best Veteran & Keri 2nd in Open bitch, judge breed specialist - Sue Ader. Tikka' then goes on to get placed VETERAN GROUP 2 under Mr M Armstrong!!!!
06/05/17 MBCC - Hannah and Bea WIN yet another Limit bitch under breed specialist - Mike Kiff. Tikka 2nd Veteran dog, breed specialist - Winifred Hagen.
01/05/17 EABCC: George enter the ring for the first time and WINS a lovely junior dog class.
30/04/17 WELKS: Tikka WINS veteran dog & Bea WINS Limit bitch & brings home her 3rd RCC!!
19/03/17 BCCGB: Bea WINS limit bitch, Keri WINS open bitch & WINS her 2nd CC!! Breed Specialisr - Toni Jackson. Tikka WINS Veteran dog, Best Veteran dog & BEST VETERAN SHOW - Mr Frank Kane.
12/03/17 CRUFTS 2017 - Tikka WINS Veteran dog - Breed Specialist Kathie Kinton. Bea WINS mid-limit bitch - Mick Taylor.
21/01/17 MANCHESTER: Second show of the year and Sia WINS Minor puppy bitch under breed specialist - Ann Jordan.

Our advert in the dog world newspaper 2015 after a successful day at NW&PB!! Huge thank you to Laura Wiltshire for putting together this for us.advert

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NWBCC - Last show of the year for us and Keri bring home her second RCC - Breed Specialist Annette Walters.

12/03/16 CRUFTS 2016 - Our first show of the year and Tikka takes 2nd in a lovely Veteran Dog from a class of 21 and Keri storms through winning Open Bitch from a class of 29 and then takes the RBCC in the challenge. Amazing day for Team Aculsia, we are all over the moon.
18/10/15 NWBCC - Bea takes 3rd in lovely limit bitch class, Tikka takes 2nd in Veteran Dog but the star of the day was Keri who took 1st in Open bitch, the BCC & Best in Show. Brill day for team Aculsia, many thanks goes to breed specialists - Jean Entwistle and Peter Simmons.
11/07/15 Will-I-am wins open dog and gains his 1st CC. China then wins her first Limit bitch class and then gains her 1st CC with BOB. Team Aculsia do the DOUBLE - A dream come true!! Judge - Breed Specialist Helen Broadhurst. 
03/05/15 Tikka wins veteran dog and then takes RBVIS! Gracie then qaulifys for CRUFTS 2016 being placed 3rd from a strong MPB Class.
18/04/15  Bea wins her first PGB class and brings home the RCC!!!
20/03/15 Tickle has given birth to 5 huge chunky puppies, 4 boys and 1 girl. Pups and mum are doing just fine and settling in well.
07/03/15 CRUFTS - Bea takes 2nd in a huge yearling bitch class but the star of the day is Jager who WINS her limit bitch class - Fantastic day for team Aculsia.
13/12/14 Richard shows Bea for the first time while Hannah has to work and goes on to win Yearling Bitch and takes the RCC at LKA Ch Sh under Breed Specialist Judith Gregory. Meanwhile Will-I-AM gained 3rd in Limit dog with Della. A fantastic day to finish the year off!!
22/06/14 Tickle wins her Open Bitch class at Blackpool Ch Sh and brings home her 5th CC with BOB under Breed Specialist Bev Smith!! Bea also takes a lovely 2nd in a qaulity Junior Bitch Class. A fantastic day again for us.
27/04/14 Tickle enters back into the ring taking the Open bitch class and her 4th CC! Her daughter then takes her last puppy bitch class, BPB and Best Puppy in Breed at WELKS CH SH under Judge Bob Gregory. What an amazing day!!
16/03/14 Miss Queen B takes her puppy bitch class, BPB and Best puppy in Show at BCCGB under Breed Specialist Ann Stacey! - Go baby bear!!!
06/03/14 CRUFTS - Cobi does us proud by gaining 3rd in a strong special puppy dog class under Breed Specialist - Ross Green. Well done Mum and Cobi!